Lead Capture

Promotion & Engagement

Having an online presence is important not just for your properties/listings, but for you as a real estate agent as well. Now that you have an online presence, what are you doing to capture potentially interested buyers and sellers? With your Real Access PRO membership, you have access to lead capture via QR codes, Texting, IVR phone calls, and online lead capture forms.
This system uses text messaging technology (SMS) to deliver robust property information and pictures to consumers looking at a flyer or driving by one of your properties. At the same time, the listing agent is provided with a high quality lead in REAL TIME.

Consider this:
How many people do you think drive by your listing every week?

  • How many times has a prospect grabbed a flyer, or written down some info, but lost or forgot it days later?
  • Do you use a brochure box, and is it empty every time you check it?
  • If someone takes a brochure, are you able reach out to them?

What if:

  • Every person who drove by and had an interest could have text messaged a code to get price and other information!
  • You never have to fill a brochure box again, AND you get the information out when they want it!
  • You don’t have to spend money on brochures AND you get the cell phone number of the person who was interested!
  • You can now add them to your follow ups from this point forward.

Key Benefits

  1. Website Lead Capture
  2. Text Message Capture
  3. QR Code Capture
  4. Inbound Call Capture
  5. Mobile Lead Capture
  6. Online/Offline Recordings
  7. Instant Notifications