Real Access Pro Credit Coach


Never lose a buyer or deal due to bad credit.

Add an extra 5 – 7 transactions to your book of business this year. Using Real Access Pro’s patented Credit Coach ™, agents can help buyers improve credit standing by:

The Credit Coach is a unique credit management tool designed to help credit challenged buyers jump into the drivers seat and work toward fixing their credit. A consumer can use Jean Chatzkys Credit Score builder to improve their credit score by up to 100 points in 120 days, simply by taking the suggested Smart Actions of the Credit Coach! With your membership to Real Access PRO, you can request a co-branded website to help ALL of your credit challenged prospects at NO COST to you.

Features of the Credit Coach Platform Include

  • Clients can Soft-pull their credit
  • Create a personalized plan
  • Remove late payments, identity theft and more
  • Fix common errors and get goodwill corrections
  • Settle debts and collection accounts
  • Customized videos help guide you
  • Money management tools – All of their money and transactions in one place
  • Easy to use Smart Credit Report and all of their credit scores
  • Identity Alerts at your fingertips
  • 90 day FREE trial for your clients. $9.95/mo after that

What’s More

  • Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Company Immediate Notification of Score Changes
  • Get notified if your client starts shopping for a Mortgage without you.
  • Get Co-branded Websites for Every Real Estate Agent
  • Close More Transactions Annually
  • Get More Referrals Annually

An agent can add an extra 5 – 7 transactions to their annual book of business. That can equate to an extra $20K – $30K a year in your pocket, not to mention some very happy clients who are willing to give you referrals.