Credit Coach

An mortgage loan officer can add an extra 10 – 14 transactions to their annual book of business. That can equate to an extra $20K – $30K a year in your pocket, not to mention some very happy clients who are willing to give you referrals.

Credit Coach is an incubator converting credit denied buyers into credit approved buyers!

Using Real Access Pro’s patented Credit Coach ™, you can strengthen the relationship with real estate agents by helping agents increase their business:

  • With the Credit Coach you can convert a large percentage of your previously denied leads
  • Think of how many prospects you have turned down in the last 6 months
  • The Credit Coach is Co-Branded with your agent’s name and logo, making it appear that they are a part of their client’s coaching and credit repair process
  • The system notifies you when your prospect is credit qualified
  • The system notifies you in real time when your prospect is shopping for a mortgage with another loan officer

Using our patented Credit Coach ™, mortgage loan officers can help more clients buy real estate:

  • Makes credit and identity one single simple concept
  • Changes how credit is viewed and understood
  • Integrates useful applications specific to the consumers credit and lifestyle
  • Gives consumer control of credit directly from the source all with a simple push button technology
  • Credit Coach is online so your prospects can access it 24/7/365
  • Credit Coach is self help credit management for today’s busy consumer