Expert Interview: How to Close 50% of Your Short Sale Listings

Recently, the team at Real Access Pro had the chance to interview a top performing agent and find out what she is doing in her business that allows her to close 50% of her short sale referrals that she gets from Real Access Pro’s Referral Platform.

Kelli Griggs, a wholesale mortgage banker turned Real Estate Agent in Folsom CA, give tips on:

  • What Research to Do Before Going to The Property
  • Why it is Important to Talk to Neighbors
  • Common Objections and What to Say as Rebuttals
  • Why Giving a Short Sale HomeOwner Closure is Important
  • Reasons to Have a Network of People
  • How to Get Both Sides of the Transaction Multiple Times

This was a very eye opening interview. If you are wanting to Learn How to Close More Short Sales like Kelli is, then watch the recorded interview. If you would like to become an agent in a preferred area and get short sale referrals, both from our investors and consumer generated marketing campaigns, then make sure to sign up for Real Access Pro

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